The Family Force 5 "Christmas Pageant" Tour!!

This past Thursday, December 9th, I went to the Christmas Pageant tour at the House of Blues in Anaheim with my dad! Family Force 5 is my absolute favorite band, and this was my fifth time seeing them live. Since my dad and I had VIP packs we got to meet FF5 and also Forever the Sickest Kids before the show. The actual concert was A LOT of fun! The opening bands were Shoreline's End and Secondhand Serenade. Secondhand Serenade did a cool acoustic set. Up next was Forever the Sickest Kids, they pretty much ROCKED. FTSK is definitely one of my new favorite bands, they put on a really great show! Then, of course, Family Force 5 stepped onstage and blew the crowd away as usual. Their live show is nothing short of amazing! Their energy is nonstop, and they seem to make it impossible for you to stand still while they play their outrageously upbeat tunes. Every time I see them live I like them more!! Towards the end of the show, as a VIP I got to go up onstage during "Love Addict" with the rest of the VIP crew and dance behind the band, it was EPIC! I highly recommend seeing Family Force 5 live, maybe I'm a little biased (haha!) but trust me, you'll have a great time. And Forever the Sickest Kids puts on an awesome show too. To sum up the whole experience in one word, I'd have to say "AWESOME". Here is the pic of me and Dad with FF5:

- eMiLiE :D